Bringing new green technology to market

Our collective knowledge

Our individual companies’ expertise covers a wide variety of services including environmental technology, management consulting, programming, machine manufacturing and much more. This gives us an edge. Combining all our knowledge in one group gives us the possibility to deliver advanced solutions for our clients’ needs with technology combined under one roof.


Environmental technology

We provide innovative, patented and easy-to-use products designed for air and water purification, sterilization and disinfection. We are proud to only work with products that are safe for users and the environment. All our products have been carefully tested and evaluated during their development period to deliver outstanding results within their respective areas.

Energy technology

We design and manufacture Renewable Energy Systems to enable anyone to become independent in power supply to benefit the environment and our economy.

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Partners & Relations

We do not only work with our own solutions. We are constantly looking for exiting innovations and reliable partners have helped us build a wide network with business relations. Ready to take on the challenges that the expansion for clean energy, infrastructure and solutions for environmental problems presents for us

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